Hacking Tutorial

Tracking Ghostnet

Tutorial by SecDevGroup

This investigation was prepared by a dedicated team of professionals.
Greg Walton conducted and coordinated the primary field-based research in India, Tibetan Missions
abroad, and Europe. Greg is a SecDev Group associate and editor of the Information Warfare Monitor
website. He is currently a SecDev Fellow at the Citizen Lab. The Indian portion of the field work
benefited from the expertise of Dr. Shishir Nagaraja, Security Laboratory, Cambridge University.
Dr. Nagaraga visited Dharamsala for a period of five days in September to assist on aspects of the
technical data collection.1
The technical scouting and computer network interrogation was carried out by Nart Villenueve. Nart
is the CTO of Psiphon Inc, and the Psiphon Fellow at the Citizen Lab. His investigations included the
discovery and exploration of the
GhostNet control servers. He led the data analysis research, which
included log files gathered in the field, as well as data obtained through technical scouting of the
GhostNet control servers.

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