Hacking Tutorial

Attacking Social Networks

Tutorial By hamiel-moyer
Like most folks of a security bent (and if you’re reading this, that probably
means you), we’ve spent a lot of time watching Web 2.0 with bemusement.
Promiscuous sharing of information, client-side Javascript goop, blogging,
mini-blogging, micro-blogging, vlogging, social nets and social media have all given
the web much of what the starry-eyed latte-chugging idealists of Web 1.0 and the
dot-bomb boom were yammering on about ten years ago: a platform for anyone to
create content, to connect, to share, and to carve out a little space for themselves
and a few million of their closest friends.
All of the above, of course, seems to run absolutely orthogonal to everything
those of us in InfoSec preach: “Validate all user input. Authenticate and tokenize
everything. Sanitize all output. Audit the crap out of anything before it goes live.
Limit functionality to core functional requirements. Trust no one.”

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