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Data destruction for fun and idiocy

We all know that the best way to destroy data on a hard drive is to use “shred” (with random, at least 11 passes and bla bla bla).
But, seriously, who will wait 160 hours to shred 1 TB filesystem of porn and dump???
If you’re wondering, no, this is not a real research!

Let’s do it our way!

  1. Remove the label (that to keep out dust) and sneeze inside;
  2. 1Unscrew the front compartment;
  3. Unscrew the hard drive (Pay attention to a possible mucus of point one);3
  4. Scratch the surface of the hard disk. The best way is shown below:
    screwdriver is perfect! This is the result:4
  5. Burn the bus connector. It may contain informations like “01110010011001010110000101101100011011000111100100111111” !
  6. Start the “First pass” on the hard drive:6
  7. After 1h, you can see the result:7
  8. Repeat it 11 times or until it becomes ashes!
  9. It does not become ashes? Do as he:frodo_hdd

Here we have a graphic comparison between Gutmann method and our method (Fuck yeah!)



As I said… for fun and idiocy! 😉

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