Hacking Tutorial

CSRF-XSRF Online Generator

Simple and minimal interface to exploit Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF / XSRF) vulnerability.

Is possible to add as many parameters as you want.
Is possible to choose the method (GET or POST)
Is possible to insert a landing page (to track victim’s click)

You can choose between 2 different output:

  • HTML
    (You should add a HTML structure around this output – )
  • JQuery
    (You should include jquery script using CDN – )



If you have new ideas to improve the project, just e-mail us: info [at]

2 replies on “CSRF-XSRF Online Generator”

E’ un articolo del 2014 e la form HTML non funziona con le nuove regole CSP.

Il concetto comunque è quello di generare una form HTML da embeddare in un sito malevolo ed effettuare cross-site request forgery.

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