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Open Source Success Story Nagios

Moving IT management to a new paradigm
“In 1999 I thought I’d be absolutely thrilled if 20 or so individuals or organizations used it”, Nagios founder Ethan Galstad
Wednesday, April 29th, 9.00 AM
TIS innovation park, via Siemens 19, 39100 Bolzano/Italy
Nagios is an open source platform that provides the ability to monitor proactively hosts and services for various types of information. Since Nagios’ humble inception in 1999, the Nagios Community has grown to thousands of downloads worldwide, spanning every conceivable industry and business dimensions and making Nagios at present without doubt to one of the most successful open source projects with more than 250.000 users worldwide. Not by case it has been voted Monitoring Application of the Year for 2008 by members. the second time in a row that Nagios has received this award.
All the more pleasant is the fact that we could win Nagios founder Ethan Galstad and a additional big range of top-class speakers on this topic. They will elucidate in detail the track record and operational area of Nagios.
Speakers will include:
Ethan Galstad, Nagios Founder (USA)
Wojciech Kocjan, IBM Corp. (USA/PL)
Julian Hein, CEO NETWAYS GmbH (GER)
Claudio Pieri, Vice President Information Systems Lotto Sport Italia S.p.A. (I)
Giovanni Belluzzo, IT Manager InfoCert S.p.A. (I)

>> The detailed program:

Profit of this unique opportunity in order to gather, compare and discuss actual trends, projects and application examples in the open source environment. The event applies to interested decision makers and IT managers, as well as to system administrators and software developers.
The number of participants is limited, please make sure to register on time.

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