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HackMiami Conference 2013


Si terrà dal 17 al 19 Maggio 2013 presso il lussuosissimo “The Holiday Inn Miami Beach-Oceanfront Hotel”, ovviamente a Miami.

E’ una conferenza che vedrà concentrati i piu skillati hacker e penetration tester dei nostri tempi. L’evento prevede un ingresso a pagamento (125 dollari), ma la Talk List promette bene:

Abusing Exploiting and Pwning with Firefox Add-ons
Armitage && Cobalt Strike Penetration Testing Lab
The Art of Exploiting Logical Flaws in Web Apps
Big Bang Theory: The Evolution of Pentesting High Security Environment
Can You Hear Me Now? Leveraging Mobile Devices on Pentests
Exploit Development for Mere Mortals
FAPing with DDoS
Escape from North Korea
Title: Fuck 0-days, We Will Pwn U with Hardware Mofos
Hack and Slash with Pythonect
Introduction to HAM Radio
Love letters to Frank Abagnale (How do I pwn thee let me count the ways)
Malware Automation
Keynote: Malware Trends: Past, Present, and Future
Perils of Navigating the Net
Raising Security Awareness Among Web Owners and Users
Security Research and Development Framework
State of the Union: Advances in Web Application and Browser Security
Things you may not know about Mobile Phones
The Nexus of Hacktivism, Journalism & the Legal System: In defense of Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond, Aaron Swartz, Weev and others
Setting up a Tor relay without getting v&
Title: Social Engineering And Penetration Testing

Oltre ai Talk ci sarà la possibilità di partecipare a dei corsi di Training fra cui:

The Art of Exploiting SQL Injection – Summit Siddharth
Hacking and Securing Mobile Devices – Georgia Weidman
Hacking VoIP: Exploitation of Modern Telecommunications – Dr. Proxy
Hacking Web Applications – James Ball
Penetration Testing: Methods, Techniques, and Tools – Rod Soto

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