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Uncommon Sql Injection Tutorial

Tutorial by N3T D3VIL
The Uncommon SQL Injection white paper is, as promised by the title, virtually
unlike any other SQL injection walk through on the web. This written lesson aims to not
only provide a comprehensible reference to the subject at hand, and to serve as a learning
aid, but also to help those who have searched the internet high and low for an SQL
injection paper
that is of real use. I have found that a majority, if not all, of the SQL
injection guides
that I have read in the past (and I have read many in my day) are teeming
with typographical errors, poor displays of grammatical skills, astonishingly complex
words that the author himself barely understands, or do not cover certain techniques that
are necessary to use when performing an injection on a real website. Grasping this
subject can be tricky enough without having to decipher what you are reading before you
can understand it. Fortunately, this is not an average SQL injection paper, and I realize
that you don’t need another step between you and learning how to SQL inject. I hope you
enjoy this uncommonly easy to read and apply paper on SQL injections.

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