Hacking Tutorial

iPhone Forensics

Tutorial By Andrew Hoog
The iPhone was introduced on January, 2007 and has now surpassed the Blackberry as
the second largest supplier of smart phones. Regardless if this is sustainable, the Apple
already has a significant footprint and will appear more frequently in computer
forensic cases. The iPhone has an active hacking community which has yielded
research and tools which support forensic investigations. Several commercial software
packages now offer iPhone support and in September 2008, O’Reilly released “iPhone
Forensics, 1st Edition” by Jonathan Zdziarski.
This paper will review forensic tools available for the iPhone, perform forensic analysis
with each tool and report on the installation, acquisition, reporting and accuracy of each
tool. The 3G iPhone (firmware version 2.2) was used for the testing but this white
paper may, over time, include other models and firmware versions.

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