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Hackito Ergo Sum 2013


L’hackito Ergo Sum è una conferenza internazionale incentrata sulle tematiche della sicurezza e dell’hacking.
Si svolgerà dal 2 al 4 Maggio 2013 a Parigi, presso “Cite des sciences et de l’industrie.”
I CFP sono aperti e chiuderanno il 31 Marzo 2013.

             Hackito Ergo Sum 2013 - Call For Paper - HES2013 CFP

                       ** **

                       2-4 May 2013 / Paris / France

111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111       HES 2013
111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 Paris, 2-4 May 2013

--[ Synopsis:

Hackito Ergo Sum is an international conference focused on 
security and hacking breakthroughs from many different 
perspectives: corporate, hackers, industry, governments, 
academics. Diversity and creativity in this domain are the key 
words. HES2013 will have for its 4th edition some of the best 
hacking talents in the world.

--[ Venue:

Hackito Ergo Sum 2013 will take place in Paris, France from the 
2nd to the 4th of May, 2013, at Cite des sciences et de 

30 Avenue Corentin Cariou
75019 Paris

It is easily accessible via public transport with metro line 7, 
at the Porte de la Villette, or by car using orbital motorway 
(Multiverse level I / 61d8327deb882cf99).

Map and pictures are available here:

--[ Introduction:

It's 2013 and we're alive! Awesome! Let's have a look at what 
hacking future we have.

From the tectonic shift of forces from the West to the East, the 
rise of military-powered attack software, and the evermore 
sophisticated games of spooks, yesteryear's "cloak-and-dagger" 
has come to the hacking world. This is a game of mapping 
individuals and their influences at hacking conferences, 
cancelling Visas of potential future-enemies in a the 
foreshadowed "cyber-war", buying AND selling 0-days to identify 
hidden networks of the underground, raising their filternet, 
establishing red-button routers, identifying challenge winners 
and profiling their hacking methodologies, and owning botnets for 
sheer firepower.

We are in deep shit.

But hey, wait, that's FUN! No matter the forces that threaten our 
liberties and trace our modems, we still have not and will not 
loose our passion to tinker, to explore, to peal back the layers 
of technological reality. We have not lost the Will to Hack.

For the rest of us, we're still all alike when we read media and 
government propaganda: hackers intruding everything and waging 
cyberwar, panic-spreading, FUD-driven definition of us as bad 
guys, mafia, and evil-doers. All alike.

Our world is the world of hack, of the beauty of the baud and the 
sheer madness of the screaming electron, (respect to Phrack and 
The Mentor), and we won't change it for anything. Because it is 
the most immense and yet most fragile human creation; it is our 
world and we own it.

If a khaki-pants warmonger or a 3-piece suit master-of-the-world 
wannabee wants to confiscate it from us, restrict our freedom, 
ban our activities, turn the public opinion to follow their 
agenda, well, they may try, they may block some of us, they may 
even put some of us out of the circuit, but they can't replicate 
our passion, our energy, our love of what we do, our insane 
attention to the detail and effectiveness of our techniques.

Because in end, we're all alike. And we're damn ALIVE!

Now for the enlightened, our shared future is full of 
opportunities, the humbling discoveries of others, and open 
projects that inspire us to join and create together. Our futures 
is limited only by our capability to collaborate in great 
projects, and also to leave space for the others. TOR is kicking 
and OONI roaring; TRAILS offers OS privacy and security for those
who needs it; many conferences are being born everywhere; Frida IRE 
is an amazing reversing tool; Qubes provides long sought-out 
tough security; plenty of new tools are being released to reveal 
unique weaknesses and failures. This furious creativity and 
ecosystem gives birth to world-changing start-ups, vital 
resources, must-have open source projects, and of course, one of 
the most open and creative cultures. All this, against all odds, 
exists and develops without bias nor prejudice. Just like it is.

So for Hackito Ergo Sum 2013, we want to see you exactly in the 
same way: just like you are (ALERT: if you think about food here 
you need to smash your TV and DNS bind to, new or old school, skiddie or security professional, 
n00b or l33t, to share and show diversity, and, most of all, to 
LEARN. It is therefore our utmost pleasure to welcome you to this 
4th edition of HES!

Since 2010, the goal of Hackito Ergo Sum has been to promote 
security research, broaden public awareness, and create an open 
forum so that communication between researchers, the security 
industry, experts, and the public can happen.

Like every year, we offer the possibility to hackers, security 
researchers, students, and academics to present their projects 
and research.

During the three days of HES, research conferences, solutions 
presentations, panels, debates, AND PARTIES will aim to share, 
mix, and determine the future of IT security & hacking.

--[ Content of the Research Track:

We are expecting submissions in English only. 
The format will be 45 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Q&A.

Please note that talks whose content will be judged too 
commercial or biased toward a given vendor will be rejected. 

We will have slots for AnonConf -- that is, speaking about topics 
for which improved anonymity and freedom of speech is imperative. 
(Write Anon in email, use PGP).

We will also consider new and first time presenters, so that 
anyone can get his/her foot in the door. Don't be shy, just say 
"It's one of my first conf submission", and we'll be kind.

For the research track, preference will be given to offensive, 
innovative, and highly technical proposals.

As a suggestion, we would love to see things about:

* SIPRnet, NIPRnet & other defense networks funny stories
* LTE radio and signaling abuses and/or real life hacks
* 4G, Diameter & GRX/IPX hacks
* Exploit style stylography
* CTF Antiforensics: Detection of Intelligence gathering CTFs
* Government filternets (formerly known as Internet, R.I.P)
* x86/64 & Non-x86 exploitation
* New methods to detect software bugs (source or binary based)
* Funky Kernel land exploits
* Offensive forensics
* Current kernel buffer overflows exploit techniques for your 
* SAT solving your ROP gadgeting and chaining
* Real life hack automation (yeah, default passwords and reuse DO 
work better than overflows in a kernel 3.x world)
* IOS vuln research & vulndev
* Identifying tainted 0-day sploits for government-sponsored grey 
market tracing
* Mobile Botnets and Overlay networks-based C&C
* IPv6 & "Carrier Grade NATs" advances
* M2M Machine Type Communication 
* Sound hacking: binaural, brown, ...
* UEFI malware writing
* Android, RIM, Bada, IOS Mobile applications & OS hacks
* TPM and Secure Boot kitting & knifing
* FPGA backdoors
* Automated Hardware reverse engineering
* Hardware security & lockpicking in 2013

We will also have a Zero Day Show, as last year, at the end of 
the conference so that people can share (love/kindness) or show 
(salivate/envy) their new babies to the world. Prepare! Zombie 
Exploitocalyps incoming :)

We highly encourage any other presentation topic, especially the 
one we may not even imagine.

If you want to share skills on a specific subject during a 
workshop, feel free to contact us.

--[ Submissions:

[*] Requested information:

Submissions must contain the following information:

* Speakers name or alias
* Presentation Title
* Description
* Needs: Internet? Others?
* Demo (Y/N)
* Company (name) or Independent?  (optional)
* Address (optional)
* Phone (optional)
* Email (optional)
* Biography (optional)

We highly encourage and will favor presentations with demos.

Specify if submission contains any of the following information:
* Tool
* Slides
* Whitepaper

[*] How to submit:

Submit your presentation and materials by sending an email to:

[email protected]

--[ Dates:

2013-02-04    Call for Paper
2013-03-31    Submission Deadline
2013-04-04    Acceptance notification
2013-04-07    Program announcement
2013-05-02    Start of conference
2013-05-04    End of conference

--[  Program Committee:

The following program committee will review the submissions:
- Tavis Ormandy (Google) @taviso
- Mark Dowd (AzimuthSecurity) @mdowd
- Alex Rice (Facebook)
- Barnaby Jack (IOactive) @barnaby_jack
- Charlie Miller @0xcharlie
- David Litchfield (V3rity Software) @dlitchfield
- Nico Waisman (Immunity) @nicowaisman
- Philippe Langlois (P1 Security) @philpraxis
- Laurent Gaffie (SpiderLabs)
- Julien Tinnes (Google) 
- Brad Spengler (aka spender) (Grsecurity)
- Silvio Cesare (Deakin University) @silviocesare
- Carlos Sarraute (GranData)
- Itzik Kotler (aka izik) @itzikkotler
- Jason A. Donenfeld (ZX2C4) @zx2c4
- Rodrigo Branco (Ciphersec) @bsdaemon
- Tim Shelton (HAWK Network Defense) @redsandbl4ck
- Ilja Van Sprundel (IOActive)
- Raoul Chiesa (TSTF)
- Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran (HITB) @hackinthebox
- Philip Petterson (aka Rebel)
- The Grugq @thegrugq
- Emmanuel Gadaix (TSTF) @gadaix
- Kugg (/tmp/lab)
- Harald  Welte ( @LaF0rge
- Van Hauser (THC) 
- Fyodor Yarochkin @fygrave
- Gamma (THC, Teso) @GammaTHC
- Pipacs (Linux Kernel Page Exec Protection)
- Nico Golde (Qualcomm) @iamnion

--[ Fees:

Here is the EARLY BIRD list of prices for HES 2013: 
(Before February 25th)

* Corporate ticket: 	480 EUR
* Security professionals: 	160 EUR
* Non security professionals:	70 EUR
* Discount for students below 26:	50 EUR
* Discount for CVE/exploit publisher in 2012-2013: 	50 EUR
* Volunteers (Must register, see below): 0 EUR

Corporate tickets are a great way to directly sponsor HES and 
help us to continue to organize this event. Special privileges or 
goodies may be offered with these tickets.

Buy your ticket online with Early bird price:

--[ Trainings

Hackito Trainings will take place from April 29th, 2013 to May 1st, 

* Teachers:
We're finishing up the training session that will happen before 
Hackito but if you still want to propose a training, we still 
have room for additional trainings. Contact us also at 
[email protected] with subject: "Training proposal".

* Trainees:
Sessions are 20 person max.

Training sessions are:
* Linux exploitation techniques (2 days)
* Applied Pentest: good to great at hacking networks (2 days)
* Telecom Signaling Security: From SS7 up to LTE, techniques and 
hands on (2 days)
* Windows vulnerability hands on lab (2 days)
* Web Penetration Testing (2 days)
* IPv6 Network audit & penetration (2 days)
* Applied Forensics: Network, System and Mobile (2 days)
* LTE network & radio hacks (2 days)
* Locking up your network: hands on network security (2 days)

Early bird Price: 1499 EUR before Feb 25th
Regular price: 1899 EUR after

Training gets you free pass to the Hackito conference, and by 
attending you contribute greatly to the cost of rooms, speaker 
travel & hotel, helping the Hackito Organization balance.

Register: [email protected]

--[ Sponsors:

We are looking for sponsors. Don't forget that sponsors are 
essential for events like HES.

Entrance fees and sponsors fees are used to fund international 
speakers travel costs and hosting facility. Please ask for the 
HES2013 Sponsor Kit at
    [email protected].

--[ Volunteers:

Volunteers who sign up before 2013-04-07 get free access and will 
need to be present onsite two days before (2013-04-30) if no 
further arrangement is made with the organization.

--[ Journalists:

Journalists are welcome, but are required to comply with simple 
rules to ensure the mutual respect among adults we aim to bring 
in Hackito. In particular, filming or taking pictures of 
attendees without their prior agreement is absolutely prohibited. 
"We shall respect privacy and people" is the only motto.
Register here:

--[ Challenges

Of course, there will be an online challenge during the 
conference, hosted and animated by Over The Wire. We will 
announce the country of honor for that regard shortly.

We will also have a new Hacker & Vendors challenge:

                  -^-^-^- The Fuzzor -^-^-^-

This challenge will enable the ultimate test between offensive 
and defensive people. If you think you can hack anything, you're 
offensive. If you think your product is so secure it won't suffer 
a hack, you're defensive. And we'll get the two groups to meet on 
a neutral ground, in a never-done before fashion.

Hackers: Register to the conference and prepare your Hacking 
Vendors: Prepare your software to be tested like never before.

We will give more details before the conference. This new 
challenge will rock your underwear!

--[ Security Vacation Club - Hackito Tour

After Hackito Ergo Sum, we will need to rest from the intensity 
of the conference. 

That's why we're organizing a Hackito tour!

Beach, clubs, code, meeting great people and party. We will go 
from Paris to Ibiza to Berlin and back to Paris. For the lucky 
few, one sponsored Villa will host us in Ibiza. See you there.

--[ Anti-sexism and LGBTA Friendly:

This conference is open to any sex, any color, any genre, any 
alienness, whatever it may be.

--[ Greetz:

We would like to thank the HES2013 Team, its reviewing committee 
and all the volunteers for their time and dedication in making 
this event a success.

We would also like to greet all the speakers of last year's 
edition for the quality of their presentation and the great time 
we shared in Paris: you are all most welcome back in Paris for 
the 2013 edition.

Likewise, we'd like to thank last year's sponsors for their 
unconditional support. Feel free to support us again for this 
2013 edition.

Finally, we would like to thank all the people who participated 
to last years edition: whatever different views of the world, 
communication and exchange is probably what makes people human, 
and that's why we make Hackito happen. See you all in May! Peace, 
Love, Passion.

--[ Contact:

[email protected]

Please submit via [email protected]

Hackito Ergo Sum 2013 conference -

-- [ Social Media:

Keep in touch with the HES Organization via Twitter!


@hesconference on Twitter ! -


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