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Chaos Communication Congress 2012

Si terrà dal 27 al 30 Dicembre 2012, presso il centro congressi di Amburgo, Germania, il 29 esimo Chaos Communication Congress.

Il CFP è stato chiuso il 30 Settembre e l’acquisto dei biglietti online  è stato lanciato il 3 Novembre ( .

Il prezzo di un biglietto è il seguente:

Category Price Comment
Standard 80 EUR no separate invoice
Supporter I 100 EUR no seperate invoice, but good feeling included
Supporter II 120 EUR no seperate invoice still, but even better feeling included
Business 350 EUR comes with an invoice that includes name and address
Up-and-coming 25 EUR birthday after 26.12.1994 (younger than 18 yrs.)
Members of the CCC e.V. 60 EUR membership fees must be paid before Dec, 1st
Day ticket standard 35 EUR cash only
Day ticket up-and-coming 10 EUR cash only
Night passes 15 EUR valid from 11pm till 8 am, cash only

I temi di interesse scelti per quest’anno sono:

  • Hackers as the digital armourer for the coming cyberwars?
  • Ethical responsibility of exceptional talents and powers
  • Dancing with the devil – funding models for research and development, risks and ethical dilemmata
  • DPI (deep packet inspection) – current state of introduction, breaking, circumvention and political situation
  • Mobile Device Hacking and Telecommunications Security, Security of Apps
  • Privacy enhancing technologies – next generation anonymity systems, filesharing security, overlay networks, encryption
  • Privacy in the age of Big Data – policy options, power questions and new human rights
  • Net and device neutrality – ownership, censorship, circumvention and the politics of de-facto standards, search engine politics
  • Novel Exploitation Techniques for all kind of technology
  • Programming languages — state of the art and research
  • Future or no future of IT security – state of fail, new concepts and methods, implications for society and infrastructure
  • Retrocomputing, Video Game Culture and Art
  • Molecular cuisine and kitchen hacks
  • Cryptography, Cryptoanalysis and Cryptopolitics
  • Reverse Engineering, Forensics and Anti-Forensics – Technology, Law and Politics
  • New economic systems – alternatives to the collapsing financial markets, micropayment and electronic currencies
  • Energy – concepts for a future world with scarce and expensive energy ressources
  • Robotics – humanoid, football playing, autonomous vehicles, (armed) drones, ethics, utopias and dystopias
  • Social Networks – unexpected use, abuse and analysis
  • New ways of education, learning, teaching
  • Politics and technology of surveillance and opression – state trojans, interception, social media monitoring, laws and countermovements
  • Xenolinguistics and languages of non-human intelligences, possibly from outer space
  • Revolutions and Hacktivism
  • Clouds – hacking, breaking, unexpected usage
  • Competitive soldering
  • Lockpicking
  • Transparency and participation in politics and governance
  • Copyright and Patents – the war on filesharing, alternatives to the current system
  • Making and fabbing – technologies, tools, economy, models for sharing
  • Transportation – hacking, usage privacy, innovation and new concepts for an energy starved era
  • Fun with large datasets and visualizing data
  • Hacker Space Program, Space Travel and Satellites – technology, goals and ethics

Come sempre, per maggiori informazioni vi lascio:

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